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Visit to Dairy Queen

Let's take a trip to Dairy Queen to see if

we can find ANYTHING that is Low Carb!

You know the scenario....you are out and about with your kids over the weekend and it's lunchtime.  They are of course starving and see the oh so alluring DAIRY QUEEN sign with photos of ice cream cones and burgers all over the windows. You are screwed!  

What could I possibly eat at Dairy Queen and

stay on my low carb diet?

This video will show you how to choose low carb foods on nearly any menu in the most unlikely of places to find low carb foods.  You will soon become confident at fast food restaurants with selecting the right foods to remain low carb and not feel deprived. You can also learn how to steer your children toward healthier choices as well.

With the right TOOLS, you can stay on your low

carb diet at nearly ANY restaurant!