A Simple Low Carb Life

Eating healthy in a world filled with processed foods, chemicals, and added sugar is challenging!

Here are some tips for healthy eating that will empower you to let go of fatigue and boost your energy all day long.

Here is an tasty idea for a summer brunch with friends... Pepperoni and Cheese Quiche!

Crispy low carb and gluten free crust that is quick and easy compared to traditional flour crust.  Hey, if I can do it, anyone can! The filling is layered with stir-fried zucchini, onions, and lots of cheese with pepperoni slices throughout.  Your high carb eating friends will love this one and you can be the star of your brunch. Check out our videos for more Libby's Low Carb Lounge video ideas to enhance your low carb life. Here is the recipe.





Au Gratin

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Making Low Carb Fudge in 5 Minutes!

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Looking for some kind of recipe to show you how to make a good pasta replacement?

How about making gnocchi?  This traditional Italian pasta is usually made with mashed potatoes and wheat flour, making it an incredibly high carb item.  You can now make this hearty dish with low carb and gluten free ingredients!  Here is the recipe. Check out This Week's Featured Video below. You can also make even thinner long strands of this dough to make different shapes or you can roll it out between parchment paper and cut it to make fettuccini shapes.  If you use less rutabaga and more melted cheese, you can make a firmer dough that will hold up better when placed in boiling water. Enjoy this tasty, home-made pasta replacement!

When out and about this summer with your family, where can you find low carb options on the go?

Are there low carb options at fast-food restaurants?  You really want to stay on track with your low carb way of eating, but with your family along and being on the go, you cave in and eat whatever is available where THEY want to eat. You find that it is hard living low carb in a high carb world, especially when you are away from home.  Well, the good news is several fast-food chains are providing low carb options for the ever growing numbers of low carb eaters!  Check out the video to learn about 7 popular fast food chains that offer choices for the low carb eater.



Sauces, syrups, condiments, & salad dressings can have tons of carbs and they really add up!

So what can you do about it?  Well, there are many wonderful recipes out there to make your own, but if you are busy like I am, you probably don't have time to make everything yourself.  Check out the video below and learn about this fantastic line of products by Walden Farms.  They have dozens of salad dressings, sauces, creamers for your coffee, condiments, syrups, and more and each of them are ZERO CARBS, ZERO CALORIES, ZERO FAT!  Save the carbs for something great and substitute Walden Farms for many of the high carb items you are tempted to use (which tank your weight). Learn all about them and where to find them here.

Make delicious chocolate or peanut butter fudge with low carb ingredients in 5 minutes!

Yep, you read that right! Fudge in 5 minutes with low carb ingredients.  Low carb fudge is also called Keto Fudge or Fat Bombs because the main ingredient is usually coconut oil or butter (or both!).  You simply melt the coconut oil, sugar substitute (usually stevia or erythritol), and other ingredients until the oil melts and the crystals dissolve. Pour into the mold of your choice and refrigerate. In 5 minutes you have made the fudge and in 20-30 minutes it will harden and be ready to serve.  Check out the video just below in the Featured Video frame to learn how.  Here are the recipes.

Ready Made Keto Resources

While homemade meals are always best, made with fresh ingredients, learn where to find ready made keto products to keep with you wherever you go, to stay on track. Learn where to buy keto staples and find my favorite recipe sites!

How About Some Amazing Coconut Flour Recipes!

Don't use high gluten, high carb wheat flour for your baked goods!  Coconut flour and almond flour are great replacements.  Check out 36 amazing recipes using coconut flour to the right of this post. They taste great and won't cause weight gain, blood sugar and insulin fluctuations, or inflammation.

For a wealth of curated and original recipes, check out my Pinterest boards.   You can surely find one or more treats from my boards to satisfy your particular tastes to take to your family gatherings or to have at your own parties at home. The boards marked "low carb..." , contain only low carb pinned recipes, so you can feel safe in selecting them to make.  

I can promise you that your family and friends will not know the difference between these innovative recipes and the wheat & high sugar containing versions!  

When you attend a party or are visiting friends, take your own home prepared treats so you can maintain your energy, waistline, and good health,  Your guests will rave about your baking skills!!

Always remember, you can enjoy the many wonderful flavors of the foods you once loved, by using substitute ingredients instead. It is really easy... hey, if it wasn't, I couldn't do it!

Big love,


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