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Libby's Low Carb Lounge

Trader Joe's Ice Cream

Hey Guys!  We are now featuring Libby's Low Carb Lounge (That's ME)!   This is the first video in the new series.

Every week, I will walk you through some aspect of living low carb; from exposing the tricks of companies deceptively marketing "healthy" foods,  to how to select from among numerous high carb items to find something low carb that you can eat. You really can go ALMOST anywhere and stay on track with low carb living. You just need a few tools to know how to do it.  Let's have fun with this!  

In this video, I tried to find some low carb ice cream or some type of frozen treat for my 11 year old daughter that did not contain 3 days worth of carbs.  Now ice cream usually contains not only tons of carbs but tons of fat as well.  We don't really care about the fat UNLESS it is accompanied by a high carbohydrate amount.   If it is high carb AND high fat, those excess carbs will turn to fatty acids that specifically will be stored as fat. It is THAT type of fat that we want to avoid, not to mention the havoc wreaked on our blood sugar by that large bolus of carbs that the pancreas has to get rid of;  remember:

Insulin over-production ALWAYS means fat storage!

I did find some lower carb ice cream (in small portions) which was more than I thought that I would find.  My daughter was happy with the ice cream but for myself, I made my own.  Here are the recipes: Low Carb Vanilla Chocolate Chip Ice Cream and Low Carb Chocolate Pecan Ice Cream and it only took a few minutes to mix and a couple of hours to freeze. No ice cream maker required!  

It really is SIMPLE to live low carb!   No matter that most of the country is buried in snow right now.  Any weather is great for ice cream.  I grew up in Ohio and remember many winter days sitting inside the house watching the snow fall while eating a bowl of ice cream.  I still love it! Now I just love it differently with different ingredients...still as delicious as ever.