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Peet's Coffee Shop Pitfalls

This Week Let's Visit Peet's Coffee Shop!

The local coffee shop is the hub of life in many societies around the world.  In central coast California (where I live)  EVERYONE has their favorite coffee brand and local shop. My fave is Peet's coffee.   There are so many specialty drinks now that are more like a dessert than a coffee, enticing us to indulge.  Most of us don't realize just how much these drinks can effect us (shooting our blood sugar through the roof) and ultimately, increasing our waistline (plus a whole host of other health problems!).

What specialty coffee drink can I choose and

still stay on my low carb diet?

This video will show you how to choose a delicious low carb coffee drink at any coffee shop.  Become confident at selecting the right coffee drink and still remain low carb without feeling the least bit deprived.  We don't discuss food choices in this video but many coffee shops offer a Caesar salad, boiled eggs, breakfast sandwiches (egg/sausage/bacon- don't eat the bun), and other occasionally found low carb foods. Peet's also carries KIND bars which are usually very high in carbs but now they also carry  a Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt KIND bar that is 9 grams of net carbs (low by protein bar standards).  Some shops have a small portion bag of nuts that are low carb too. READ LABELS and you just might find a food snack as well.

With the right TOOLS, you can stay on your

low carb diet anywhere! CHECK IT OUT!