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Pizza Hut Low Carb Finds

This week's visit is to your local

Pizza Hut!

So, your friends dragged you to the local Pizza Hut (or could be any pizza restaurant) for dinner.   Since you have been eating low carb you have avoided pizza restaurants or any Italian restaurant like the plague.  It is just too hard to resist the smell of garlic, baking crust, and sizzling meats wafting through the air as you walk in....

"How can I possibly resist this?"  

Well, it may actually surprise you that in spite of the numerous high carb items on the menu, you CAN pick a few things that taste great AND are low carb.   There are a number of surprising high carb items on the menu that you should know about.

When you are in Pizza Hut, you may be shocked at how many carbs are in the sauces and some of the toppings.   Even chicken wings can go from zero carbs to 20 grams of carbs or more depending on the sauces used.   Learn how to stay "safe" in the low carb zone and still enjoy the flavors of pizza, wings, and other items in an Italian restaurant or pizzaria.  

For a delicious pizza that you can make at home with a low carb crust made of unlikely ingredients, click here.

Know the nutrition facts and you will

get the weight off and keep it off!