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Ready Made Keto Resources

Let's face it, it is difficult to prepare all of your meals at home and take them with you to work or anywhere on the go.  It is even more difficult if you are trying to buy keto products at the local grocery store or when dining out.  

It is best to plan ahead with keto meals from home, already prepared, that you can take with you in a lunch bag or cooler, whenever you are on the go.  When that is not possible, there are now quite a few places where you can find a wide variety of keto products, that in the recent past, were not available.

Most of these newer products, replace high carb favorites, that most of us miss and still crave. Unprocessed foods are still the best way to maintain a healthy keto diet, but realistically, it is essential to have a variety of ready to go keto products on hand, to remain in ketosis, wherever you are. Finding yourself hungry, without any keto products available, is not a place you want to be.

Here are a few of my favorites, that I regularly keep in my home, purse, or backpack:

Keto/Low Carb Snacks:

Quest Chips, Bars, and More - Many flavors of chips and bars, all low carb

Fitcrunch Protein Puffs - Nice crunch with various flavors in individual serving bags

Magic Spoon Cereal - Hard to believe these are low carb! Tastes like kid's cereal

The Cereal School - Individual serving bags with various flavors, nice crunch, and great taste.

Catalina Crunch Cereal and More - Awesome cereal, smoothies, and cookies (all keto/low carb)

Legendary Foods - Nuts, Nut Butters, and Toaster Pastries on the go

Built Bar - keto protein bars and drink boosters

Where to Buy Keto/Low Carb Staples Online:

Netrition - Multiple low carb/keto products

Thrive Market - Numerous keto products and health products

My Favorite Recipe Sites:

All Day I Dream About Food - Brilliant, innovative recipes. The dessert recipes are the best ever!

I Breathe I'm Hungry - Culinary greatness is found on this site

Low Carb Yum - Well organized site with wide variety of tasty recipes

Low Carb Maven - Tons of recipes, but for me, her main courses are the bomb

(Each of these recipe sites offers recipe books for purchase)

I love the keto/low carb way of eating! By carrying low carb/keto snacks with me at all times, I am  able to remain in ketosis, without yo-yo-ing in and out, with all of the misery that entails.

Plan ahead and you will always have tasty keto/low carb options available to prevent temptation.

When inviting people to your home for meals, use low carb/keto substitutions in your meals. Your guests will never know the difference between your keto version and the high carb version that they are used to eating. You may even inspire them to eat healthier in the process. Leading by example is the best way to inspire change in others!

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