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Irish Soda Bread Tradition

Happy St Patrick's Day Everyone!

Wanting to keep those time-honored family traditions that includes Irish Soda Bread but the carbs are so high that you can't indulge?  

Here is a low carb version that tastes even better than traditional soda bread.  This version is inspired by Gourmet Girl Cook's recipe but in my version, I use some dehyrated cranberries to replace some of those pesky high carb raisins, and instead of buttermilk (also high in carbs), half-and-half is used.  I am not a fan of caraway seeds so used poppy seeds to garnish the top.   Slice this delicious bread into 16 slices that you can toast up in the oven or toaster over at 350 degrees for a few minutes topped with butter, coconut oil, or low carb jam.  

You can keep your traditions while substituting healthier ingredients in your family recipes.  No need to feel deprived on any holiday if you know what to do to change the recipes into a healthier version.

Enjoy your family this St. Patrick's Day and may the luck of the Irish be with you and yours!

Here is the recipe for IRISH SODA BREAD.