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Access Your Innate Wisdom and Fall Out of Toxic Thinking


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Are you feeling stuck and unable to move forward?

A transformational coach can guide and motivate you to achieve the results you want!

Elizabeth Lykins, Founder of A Magnificent Metamorphosis coaching, offers individual and group coaching for clients as they navigate the often difficult journey inward. She uniquely blends transformational coaching with her 20 plus years of medical training, to support you as your unique transformation unfolds.

Feel your inner power emerging as you become who you REALLY want to be!

In this journey you will:

     •Discover and identify your specific desires

     •Identify the barriers and hindrances preventing you from making changes

     •Transform maladaptive patterns that are holding you back

     •Access your innate guidance system that will provide you with all the clarity and resilience you need

•Enjoy the comradery inherent in a small group setting

Upcoming Group Coaching Offerings:

(In Scheduled Skype or Zoom Video Sessions, offered in English and Spanish)

Women's Group - 4 Sessions       

Overcoming Feelings of Anxiety - 4 Sessions    

Finding Your Inner Resilence - 4 Sessions     

How It Works