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A personal note to you from Elizabeth M. Lykins, PA-C, Founder:

Hello Folks!  Welcome to A Simple Low Carb Life!  I want to share a little bit about my story with you.  I have been a certified physician assistant/associate for nearly two decades, working in emergency medicine, sleep medicine, medical weight loss and other medical disciplines. Although highly skilled in “crisis” medicine I found the stress level, the inability to follow the patients’ progress,  and fast turnover personally very unsatisfying as the years flew by.  This fast pace and constant chaos drove me to over-indulge in high carbohydrate foods, which resulted in not only gaining weight but feeling fatigued all the time.

I reached a crossroads in my life and realized that I wanted more from my life.  I wanted to make a real difference in people's lives in a much more meaningful way than just patching them up and sending them along.   The arrival of my daughter into my life changed everything (as having a child does).  My health and happiness suddenly became much more important.  I really wanted to instill healthy eating habits into my daughter's life,  which honestly inspired me to focus more on my own health.     

With a healthier lifestyle in mind and a better quality of life, I left the crazy ER scene to work in sleep medicine (talk about ying and yang!).  In the sleep clinic, I met a patient who had lost a considerable amount of weight on a low carb/ketogenic diet.  She had lost so much weight that she no longer had sleep apnea, That got my attention!!  She invited me to support her in her new career venture as a weight loss coach. Well,  I certainly needed to lose 25 pounds, so I half-heartedly joined her program in more of an effort to support her than to make any real changes in my health.  Having my entire life ruled by carb cravings and constant hunger, I was STUNNED as I  reached the state of nutritional ketosis and steadily dropped weight without untimely hunger or cravings, feeling more energetic than I ever had in my life.  My fasting glucose and cholesterol improved too!

Well, 25 pounds and 4 years later, I have kept off the weight by maintaining a low carb, moderate protein, high fat diet with regular exercise and in the process, have improved my health, energy, moods, and memory.  Although I was thin for most of my life (until the past 10 years),  I did not escape the ill effects of a high carb diet, even prior to gaining weight.   Prior to changing my way of eating, my fasting glucose was in the pre-diabetic range.  I also suffered with numerous allergies, migraine headaches, fatigue, irritability, and asthma.   That very well-meaning patient unwittingly forever changed the focus of my personal and professional life, simply by gently coaching me in how to change my nutrition to reap the rewards of a healthier life!

These events ignited a burning passion in me to assist others so they can also achieve their dream to live a healthier and more energetic life!  I have had the privilege of partnering with numerous patients and clients, witnessing everything about their lives change as they improve their diet, reach a healthy weight, and learn to love and accept themselves. It changes everything about their life!  While  I found it to be very inspiring to work in medical weight loss, at the same time I found the traditional medical focus in such a clinical environment very disturbing, especially the promotion of pre-packaged, processed foods, and stimulants.  So,  I said goodbye to the practice of traditional medicine and have dedicated my career to the development and implementation of integrative medicine approaches to health, nutrition, and weight optimization.

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